Drabble Girl

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Drabble Girl is a net.hero created by Jessica Ihimaera-Smiler. She is the title character of two series in which she appears.
Alter Ego: Jana (last name undisclosed)
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jessica Ihimaera-Smiler, Jamas Enright
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Usable With Permission


Strong, smart and superhumanly succinct, Drabble Girl has won the respect of her fellow crime-fighters in the Legion of Net.Heroes by defeating the LNH's enemies within the 100-word limit imposed by her powers.

After serving as leader of the LNH for a (necessarily) brief period of time during the Infinite Leadership Crisis, Drabble Girl accompanied the Legion on its journey to the Ultimate Black Hole to defeat the Legion of Net.Villains during the events known as Beige Countdown.

Drabble Girl was voted "Favorite New Character" in the 2004 RACCies Awards, in which her self-titled "extremely limited" series won for "Favorite Mini-Series".


Jana enjoys tea and Sudoku, and is annoyed by those who cannot express themselves clearly and concisely. She likes mathematics, goldfinches, and purple jellybeans.

Powers and Abilities

Tough, fast and an excellent fighter, Drabble Girl can only appear for 100 words – a quirk that has proved to be both a strength and a weakness.


  Drabble Girl is quite young, 18 years old. She is multi-racial, and has curly brown hair down to her shoulders (think ringlets), and brown eyes. She wears a brown and black costume, and, owing to word limitations, doesn't tend to talk very much.
Drabble Girl Special: Who is Drabble Girl?

Although she normally wears a standard super-hero costume, Drabble Girl has occasionally donned more powerful protective gear.

  Drabble Girl nodded. She had reacquired the space suit she had worn on her earlier excursion into the Wordinator's dimension, but now it was bulked down with as many weapons as Doctor Stomper could come up with in time. She wore several language guns on her hips, a bandolier of lexicon nullifying grenades, language barrier mines attached to her back, and linguistic traps on her legs. It was only her superior strength that enabled her to remaining standing and able to move. She was ready.
Drabble Girl: 52 Drabbles #35