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Jessica "Jaelle" Ihimaera-Smiler is one of the LNH's most pure fun writers.

She's best known for creating Writer's Block Woman, Mouse, and Writer's Block Woman (and Mouse). She also created Drabble Girl, participated in the Infinite Leadership Crisis and Birth of a Villain, and wrote a bunch of miniseries, including the Bad-Timing Boy-centric It's All In the Timing arc for LNH Comics Presents.

She won Accies:Favorite Writer in 1997 and '98, won the RACCies:The Johnny Sokko 'Come Back Giant Robot, Come Back' Loving Cup a crapload of times, and should seriously come back and write more, because awesome.

In story, called up Mouse during Birth of a Villain to explain a plot point to her, angering the Church of the Fourth Wall enough for them to summon the Cabbage-Wielding Angel of Death.

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