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Kid Mysticism is a net.hero created by Ben Rawluk.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: The Apparition, Kid Mysticism I
Primary Writer: Ben Rawluk
Status: Former member of the LNH (Classic Team) (deceased), crosstime refugee, founder of the Net.Titans, former member of the League of Heroes.
Usability: Reserved, but usable for any "Reanimated LNH Zombies" stories.


The first Kid Mysticism originated in Looniverse-B, a parallel dimension where Earth was defended by a cheap LNH knockoff called the League of Heroes. In many ways, it felt like the "Hostess Twinkies ad" version of the Legion, but they accepted a being called the Apparation for membership after some dubious demonstration of powers. The Apparation was a simulated creature of magic, born of a species called "Mystic Vulcans" (who may have been a tabloid fiasco, or actually the Looniverse-B counterparts of the Mystic Vulcans who raised Vulcana on Looniverse-A). The Apparation operated as the mystical consultant of the NLH for some time until a Looniversal crisis completely wiped them all away. Except of course, some of them escaped, including the Apparation.

Looniverse-B was reborn, going to show that the Omnilooniverse was more flexible and ridiculous than previously thought. How the two continuities relate is unknown, though no Apparation has ever shown up in the new version; his feats of power seem to have been performed by the new Net.League's mystical contingent: the Fan.Boy of Looniverse-B, Jonah Occult, and Magic Boy.

Meanwhile, the Apparation wandered around Looniverse-A's Net.ropolis – home to the real Legion – as one does, when one is a lost refugee from a destroyed parallel Looniverse. Frankly, it happens all the time and nobody does anything about it. Rather than avoid potential paradoxes or possible disruption of the orderly, standardized operation of the continuity (don't laugh!), he transformed himself into a new being, called Kid Mysticism, and forewent his immortality in order to become human.

He joined the Legion, helped found the Net.Titans, and fought evil in various forms. He briefly became attached to a red trenchcoat symbiote creature before ultimately facing off against his own future self (who for some reason simply reversed his name to be "Mysticism Kid") and dying at his own hands. Backwards. Causing a paradox that collapsed the whole event down to a single point. But they were thoughtful enough to put up a statue in his honour in the Hall of Lost Heroes.


<fill in later>

Powers and Abilities

Kid Mysticism was capable of astonishing acts of magic, all tinged with sapphire energy. This was utterly vague. As a consequence of his power levels, Kid Mysticism was prone to bouts of darkening, and became a crimson version of himself when he discovered a red trenchcoat left behind by some strange being.


Red-haired and green-eyed as Kid Mysticism, the Kid had pale skin and a proclivity for pale blue tights.


His major enemies were The Eldritch Alliance, a gang of second-rate sorcerers, and Mysticism Kid, his own future self gone mean, lean, and pointless.