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Kiwis are a species of flightless bird that tends to intersect a lot with LNH stories.


In the Real World, kiwis are native to New Zealand. they're brown, fuzzy herbivores with five recognized species, two of which are endangered.

Net.Zealand has its own species of kiwi — Apteryx descrii. These kiwis are about a foot tall, with deep green feathers speckled with black. They have human-level intelligence, omnivorous diets and superb skills at violence. They were created by Ian Porell in his series Kid Kiwi's Kommandos.

Kiwi language is very expressive, though to human ears, it just sounds like "Ki-wi!" in a high-pitched fuzzy voice shouted from the top of the throat. They have a complex society and culture.

One variation is the Alpine Kiwi, which is a pale green and prefers cold and snowy climates. Then there are the Purple Kiwis of Aotearoa. In one dark future, The Kiwi Messiah rules the land; his enforcers are Cyber-Kiwis with glowing red eyes and gatling guns for beaks. In deep space, the Aviary of Light is the home of the UltraKiwis.


In the Looniverse, they came to the Usenetted States when Kid Kiwi's powers manifested, and went with him to the LNHQ. There, they settled in despite Ultimate Ninja's objections, and over time, became just another part of the LNH.

There was also the Vampire Kiwi Incident of 2014, which the LNH doesn't talk about.

On Earth-20, they have some no doubt delightful origin which will probably be explained later. What's your idea, listeners?


Notable kiwi characters include:


Kiwi-centric series, miniseries and one-shots include: