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Library Lad is a net.hero created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Andrew Robinson/Panoute Elrashidy
Aliases: Thoth, other previous lives
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of the LNH (Team 20)
Usability: Free For Use


Long, long ago, Thoth, Kemetic deity of writing and balance, scrollkeeper of the universe, spread himself among many mortal incarnations in order to document existence.

In the Classic Looniverse, one of these was Andrew Robinson, a young autistic boy who bounced around foster care after his parents were kidnapped by evil roboticists. Through sheer improbability, Weirdo Boy popped into his life, sending him into a jaunt into L-space and a fight against 451 that ended with his memories of divinity awakening, and taking up the mantle of defender of knowledge.

He became a member of the LNH, their connection to the Library of Infinite Stories. But one day, he found a corridor that hadn't been there before, access opening up to a new world – Earth-20, a world that had a history already in place for him, as Panoute Elrashidy, a young autistic Egyptian boy who had gone to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina only to be visited by the spirit of the Internet Archive, gaining his memories of divinity that way. He became a member of both LNHes, shuttling back and forth between worlds and lives – until the door to the Classic Looniverse was locked...

In meta-continuity, he was returned to existence along with Weirdo Boy when the Reversion Ray Projector was used on Kid Enthusiastic. When Kid E was restored, he gained an independent existence through being released to public use.


Focused, professional, and erudite. ...mostly.

Powers and Abilities

Holds the office of a Librarian of Space-Time; can enter the Library of Infinite Stories with ease, find (nearly) any book within it, and navigate its turnings to (nearly) any world it links to. Superhuman ability to learn and recall. Possessor of the Mini-Fan of Thor, made of N++ Metal.


On the Loonivearth: White male in his early teens. Brown hair in a fairly boring haircut, brown eyes. Wears a brown jumpsuit with a brown trenchcoat over it, and is almost always carrying a brown sack.

On Earth-20: Egyptian male in his early teens. Black hair in a fairly boring haircut, brown eyes. Wears a brown three-piece suit, stylish and well-tailored, with a blue tie and a red pocket square.


Alt.version of Weirdo Boy, hemi-semi-demi alt.version of Kid Enthusiastic.