Reg Hfffgrktt

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Reg Hfffgrktt is a elite Dorf warrior created by Rob Rogers.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: Irony Man
Primary Writer: None
Status: Unknown, presumably active on Dorfia
Usability: Not Reserved


Reg Hfffgrktt was a member of General Jarrek's breakaway faction of Dorfs, his strong right hand. When the General came to Earth to infect humanity with a virus, Reg infiltrated the LNH in the form of Irony Man in order to destroy evidence of the Dorfs' weakness. He managed to destroy the physical evidence, but Poignant Death Lass and the ghost of Comics Snob Boy revealed their weakness – strong emotion – and defeated Reg. Irony Man II sent him back to Dorfia, in the hopes that his exposure to the inner depths of Irony Man's mind would have a possibility of bringing change...


Typically Dorfish on the outside. Inside...

Powers and Abilities

Highly trained Dorf warrior. Used an advanced suit of power armor, as well as a mindscan of Toony Stork that allowed him to emulate him perfectly.


A Dorf with a certain resemblance to Toony Stork. Wore a suit of morphing power armor; in its "default" state, it was bulky and Gothic, covered with spiked protrusions, hooks, flying buttresses and more skulls and chains than Todd McFarlane could draw in a weekend.