Ron Kaylor

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Ron Kaylor is a Lethal Lawyer created by Dave Van Domelen (character), Mark Friedman (concept).
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: Lethal Lawyer
Primary Writer: None
Status: Legislating the Looniverse
Usability: Free For Use


Ron Kaylor is a member of the Lethal Lawyer Corps whose jurisdiction is District 856728768346/b-3, which includes Loonivearth. In the alternate reality of Looniverse-AD, he <more>

In the main Looniverse, he stepped in to sort out the issue of Dvandom's Superguy chracter Crazy Guy being written into Birth of a Villain, resolved when the Dvandom Stranger split off Chinese Guy into a separate character.


Rigid and legalistic.

Powers and Abilities

As a Lethal Lawyer, has the ability to exploit legal loopholes as well as weaponize the law against others, and teleport into LoopholeSpace.


A man in a sharp-looking business suit and power tie.



  1. There've been a number of LNH stories that refer to Lethal Lawyer(s) in contradictory ways – sometimes as an enemy of the LNH, sometimes as a member. This Lethal Lawyer may or may not be Ron Kaylor. It's unknown if there is one Lethal Lawyer per jurisdiction or if Loonivearth has like six of them, as with the DC Earth's Green Lanterns. Undoubtedly, this gives Ron Kaylor a headache.