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Dave Van Domelen, or Dvandom, is one of the most productive writers in the history of the LNH. He created much of the cosmology of the Looniverse, and is one of the few to get a series (Dvandom Force) up to issue #100 without skipping numbers. He is technically a professional writer, in that he has sold fiction to a few tabletop RPG publishers, and he has several published articles in physics education journals.

Many of his creations have the word "Dvandom" in them, including the Dvandom Stranger and Dvandom Force.

Heavily involved in the Transformers fandom, he created the Transformers-inspired RoboMACs RPG and its default setting, RoboMACs 2163, which he crossed over with the Classic LNH in Robot Invasion. (He later created another default setting, RoboMACs Exodus, for the professionally published version of the RPG which incoporated more different kinds of mecha-inspired storytelling; sadly, this version is out of print.)

He created the ASH Imprint, and is the most prolific writer in it, with ASH the series also having passed the hundred-issue mark. Much of his time since the end of Dvandom Force has been spent outside the LNH (or half-in-half-out, with Exarchs and New Exarchs in the Superguy universe, plus many pieces of Transformers fanfic), but he has dipped his toes into LNH20.

As of 2020, he remains in fairly regular contact with several other writers, including but not limited to Andrew Burton, Chris Meadows, Drew Nilium, Jameel al Khafiz, Jess Nevins, Jesse Willey, Mike Escutia, Mitchell Crouch, Scott Eiler, Todd Kogutt, Tony Pi, and the occasional Oxford Comma. He also has long corresponded with comics writer Christopher Priest and assisted him in sorting out issues of physics and continuity; he was officially credited on recent issues of USAgent and Superman: Lost. He maintains an extremely '90s website at https://www.eyrie.org/~dvandom/ .


He has repeatedly won RACCies:Favorite Writer, in 1996, 2007 and 2009, and scored Accies:Favorite Writer in 1995 and '96. In addition, he won Favorite Person Who Hangs Out on alt.comics.lnh in '93, and Favorite Person Who Hangs Out on RACC in '95.

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