Acton Lord VI

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Acton Lord is a net.villain created by Jeanne Morningstar (character), Dave Van Domelen (concept). See also Acton Lord (Classic), Acton Lord V
Alter Ego: Sigrid Franklins
Aliases: Probably a lot
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active net.villain on Earth-20
Usability: Usable with Permission


The story of how the version of Sigrid Franklins who became Acton Lord came to be has not yet been told. It is known that she is some kind of alt.version or counterpart of the main Sigrid, and has referred to her as her "sister."

After the defeat of W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R., she has emerged as a major power in Netropolis's criminal underworld, drawing together many of the city's fractious super-criminal factions under her reign in the LNH's absence.


Devious, playful, and gleefully sinister. She revels in being a true embodiment of corruption. Prefers to carry out her villainy with elegance and panache. Those who incur her displeasure or get in her way tend to pay a price for it, often lethally.

Tends to use "[x] corrupts, but absolute [x] corrupts absolutely" catchprases at dramatic moments. (Like the original Classic LNH Acton Lord, who of course was also a counterpart of his enemy.)

Powers and Abilities

Unlike the previous Acton Lord, who favored abstract cosmic plots and tended to work through intermediaries, she takes a very hands-on approach to corruption, involving herself directly in her many operations across Netropolis. She possesses a deep knowledge and fluency with Netropolis's criminal underworld.

Her favored weapon is the Runcible Blade, a deadly polearm in the shape of a spork.

She also has some of the Acton Lord dynasty's traditional knowledge of super-science and metafiction.


Wears a nattily tailored dark suit and a full-face black mask with a power button symbol in white.


Considers her "sister", Nerf Girl, as her main archenemy, and is setting up some kind of plot aimed at her.


Her persona and role are based on the Hunter Rose version of Grendel, another multi-generational legacy dedicated to corruption.