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Acton Lord is a net.villain created by Dave Van Domelen. See also Acton Lord (Classic), Acton Lord VI
Alter Ego: Graham Franklins
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Not clear, but considering his successor's methods it doesn't look good for him
Usability: General Use


At the beginning of the 20th century, a very intelligent, very devious man gained insight into the true nature of the universe – that it was run by Drama, and that God, if such existed, was like a cosmic Author, spinning tales for His own entertainment. As Lord Acton had said, absolute power corrupted absolutely. And if corruption was the rule of the world, he, as Acton Lord, would use corruption to empower himself – and his heirs...

The Acton Lord who existed at the founding of the LNH was the fifth of that name on Earth-20. Born as Sig.Lad's twin brother, he was stolen from his parents by the fourth Acton Lord and raised in the Twisted Library. He was Sig.Lad's arch-nemesis, but after S.L disappeared and The Killfile went up, he withdrew, turning to research in the higher realms. However, now that Nerf Girl has shown up, he has found new purpose in training up the Griefer as her rival.

The outcome of all this is unknown, but in recent years a new Acton Lord has appeared...


Is constantly engaged in wide-ranging schemes. Was raised as part of a multi-generational plan to wrest power from the Writers, so is used to working in the long-term. He tends to make grandiose cosmic plans and work indirectly through intermediaries.

Thinks of the world in metafictional terms. Has a devious sense of humor.

Powers and Abilities

Limited omniscience through a mental link with the Twisted Library. Trained and talented at both mysticism and science. Has contacts throughout Earth-20.


His outfit hasn't been revealed, though it may be similar to the one Acton Lord (Classic) wore. Nowadays, has some gray hair and wrinkles.


He sees Nerf Girl as his niece, and is working hard to provide her a suitable rival in the Griefer.