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The Griefer is a net.villain created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Quester, Spawn Camper, Gold Farmer
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Under the tutelage of Acton Lord
Usability: General Use


He started off as a teen hero by the name of Quester, using nonlethal methods as part of a team. But after a particularly humiliating defeat, he became the Spawn Camper, taking down villainy before it finished zoning in. Then The Killfile went up. His powers reduced to getting coins, he fled to South Korea to hide from the few enemies he'd left alive, and became the Gold Farmer, beating up street punks to pay the rent.

After the Killfile fell, Acton Lord found him working the daily grind. He took the embittered ex-hero under his wing, giving him the new name of The Griefer and teaching him the trade of net.villainy in exchange for causing some trouble for Nerf Girl...


Bitter, but especially hard on his own past self. Goes for "practical" solutions that get the immediate job done over thinking of long-term consequences.

Powers and Abilities

Gets video-game-style dropped items and money off defeated foes. Has a collection of powerful weapons, armor, and other equipment, some gotten from drops, some bought (including many that used to be Catastrophe's).


Not described.