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The Great Catastrophe is a net.hero created by James Mason.
Alter Ego: David Kemono
Aliases: Party Crasher
Primary Writer: James Mason
Status: Trapped in time
Usability: Reserved


In the beginning, there was a coat! It was forged by the hammers of the gods... well, unless it was constructed by super-scientists from the future... or it might have been summoned out of the lifestream of all sentient beings...

Well, anyway, there was a coat, and it had an origin, or rather, a bunch of overlapping contradictory origins. Nevertheless, the coat and was passed down from Catastrophe to Catastrophe for many generations, probably, along with a mystical/telepathic/ansible link to Vivian, the spirit of the coat/one of the fairies who had blessed the coat/the biomimetic user interface for the coat.

This kept going up to the point where David Kemono happened upon the previous, dying Catastrophe in an alleyway and inherited the powers of the coat – or, rather, had it thrust upon him with an "AAAAAAGHGEOJFAOEFKJALFJALKDVNIJERGHPQA". According to his own flashbacks, the teenage David had all the patience and finesse of Superboy-Prime. By the time he was an adult, he seemed to be doing much better.

In 1992, Catastrophe was a net.hero fighting mugger-robots from the Generic Mugger's Guild when he was suddenly sucked into a metaphysical trip down memory lane. An unimaginable horror in the form of a Liefeldesque woman showed him the way out, and he ended up in 2012, in the middle of the Spoon of Destiny Saga.

As someone used to high-level weirdness, he wasn't too perturbed by this. Vivian was fine, she'd just sold off most of his stuff while he was away (to the Gold Farmer, which is probably gonna mean trouble down the line). So he decided to join the LNH!

...but while he was filling out the forms to join, Clueless Lad showed up. Their powers weirdly cancelling each other out, both Catastrophe and CL got sealed away in a time bubble by Mother Time.


<fill in>

Powers and Abilities

The coat... <fill in more>

Vivian... <fill in more>

During his career as a net.hero, Catastrophe collected many cool items and Plot Devices, but Vivian sold most of them off in lieu of getting a job. Nevertheless, he retains a guitar, a gun, and an ice cream spoon with freezing powers.


A sort of fuzzy-faced guy with a trenchcoat and a hat. It looks good on him. When he's not wearing his coat, he looks like a butler and a cat.