Captain Backdate

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Captain Backdate is a ex-net.hero created by Hubert Bartels.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Hubert Bartels
Status: Unknown
Usability: Not Reserved


Back during the Golden Age, Captain Backdate was a member in good standing of the Classics Squad. However, during the Classics Squad's last case in 1956, the power of the Book of Deus ex Machinas was released, and he "went insane", as Golden Man later described it.

He next appeared during the early '90s, backing up fellow ex-Squad member Golden Lord in his plot to return Net.ropolis to an idealized golden age by using his Backdater Ray Generator. However, a conflict with Manga Man lead to them calling off the plan— for now...


In the Golden Age, was upbeat to the point of using an exclamation point for every sentence. Under Golden Lord, was servile and fearful.

Powers and Abilities

Used a Backdater Ray Generator to return Net.ropolis to the state it had been in during the postwar 1940s-50s era. May also have some level of recap powers, as he recapped the story so far during the last case of the Classics Squad.


Not described.