Crossword Master

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Crossword Master is a net.hero created by Drizzt.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: Trivia Master
Primary Writer: Drizzt
Status: Publicly believed deceased, former member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of the Drizzt's Defenders
Usability: Usable With Permission


He joined the LNH as Trivia Master not long before the event called Cry.Sig. He was originally supposed to have perished in that saga, but a mistake by Pointless Death Man caused Obscure Trivia Lad to die instead (though he was later returned to life). The Grim Reaper Corps later tried to correct this mistake, causing The Drizzt to help him fake his own death. He then took on the identity of Crossword Master and lived a somewhat lonely existence on the Drizztsat.

When the Drizzt left earth, Crossword Master and RetConan elected to go with him.


Somewhat in over his head with all these superheroics. Imagine Arthur Dent in a living symbiotic costume and you're close.

Powers and Abilities

Crossword Master has the ability to remember a great deal of trivia, which is useful for working crossword puzzles but not so useful for superheroics.


Wears an orange and blue living costume with black trim. Crossword Master has black hair and blue eyes.