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Cybernet was a rec.arts.comics.creative imprint created by Jesse Willey, his first RACC work. It drew inspiration from the post-Power Rangers wave of American toku adaptations and rip-offs, such as VR Troopers and Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad. It featured the adventures of a hero, the CyberNet Warrior, who transformed in cyberspace. It grew to encompass stories about world-shaking battles and government conspiracies.

NWO crossed Cybernet over with the Classic LNH , as Monark invaded the Cybernet world and destroyed Washington DC. He tried to learn about his past from a timeless entity called the Dragon, but learned he had no past to find.

The most popular characters of Cybernet were Greptile and SPLoTcH!, a mutant reptilian warrior and a teenage hero with the power to detach his body parts. They briefly joined The Team after Gasmaster invaded their world in an attempt to harness the power of the Eyes of Time.

An epilogue to Cybernet, Never Say Goodbye, crossed over with Flame Wars VI.