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Monark is a fallen net.hero (or maybe invisible rabbit) turned future dictator or something created by Stephane Savoie.
Alter Ego: Not applicable
Aliases: The King of Darkness
Primary Writer: Jesse Willey
Status: Unclear
Usability: Not Reserved


In 1997, a massive explosion occurred in Net.York.City. When the Legion came to investigate, All-Knowing Last-Chance Whiner Destiny Woman appeared to them and delivered a warning: beware Monark!

In an alternate timeline of the year 2012, Monark ruled the world with an iron fist, as you do. There was only one thing missing: his memories of his past. In the NWO 2012 crossover, he traveled back in time to investigate his past and bring about his own creation. To that end he made a deal with Brain Boy to restore his powers, but Brain Boy turned against him. He also traveled to the parallel world of Cybernet, where a timeless entity called the Dragon proved unable to find his past.

Later Monark returned to the Looniverse and came to the aid of Rick Henkerton, giving him nanites which restored his ability to walk. He was shocked to discover that there was nothing under his armor and he was merely an empty suit. Later it was hinted that he was in fact Mister Fast, Rick Henkerton's invisible (but not imaginary) friend from childhood. Shortly afterwards The Team discovered that Monark had taken over a parallel world where Rick's favorite superhero, Kid Saturn, was real and traveled there to defeat him.

Monark returned during the Killfile Wars, seeking to destroy his own past counterpart and prevent his own existence. It turned out that he was the future self of an alternate-reality unmarried Master Blaster. However, this contradicts his appearances in Boy Redundant Lad, so this could have been a different Monark. Another version may yet exist, for all we know.

Continuity Note

A bunch of the stories Monark appeared in ended up partially or fully retconned out, but considering he was already from an alternate future with a temporally uncertain past, that probably doesn't actually matter.


Brutal and cunning. Obsessed with finding the secrets of his own past. Prone to making Faustian deals with heroes.

Powers and Abilities

Monark can travel through time and has access to powerful future technology.


Monark wears a menacing high-tech suit of armor. There is nothing underneath.


Given the spelling of his name, the fact that he was created by Stephane Savoie, and the fact that the villain of the storyline NWO was parodying (Armageddon 2001) was an agent of chaos becoming an agent of order, Monark was probably originally meant to be Kid Anarky.