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Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 was, for a decade, the flagship title of the Classic LNH Imprint – a series that anyone could write for, starring anyone who's ever been a member of the LNH!

These are just some of the super-powered do-gooders who belong to an organisation that thinks that running around with your underwear on the outside is acceptable as a fashion statement. They are: the Legion of Net.Heroes!

Jamie Rosen took the title of Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 1 and, in 2005, started Volume 2 as a series about the entire roster of the LNH. A number of Writers have told stories in its issues.

In the modern era, the flagship title is Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 3, because we like iterating!


In the 2005 RACCies, LNH v2 won RACCies:Favorite Series and RACCies:Favorite Parody/Comedy, winning the latter again in 2008 and 2009. Issues #4-5 won RACCies:Favorite Arc, also in 2005.

Issues and Storylines

Links below are to the Pipermail archive. Issues #1 through 20 can be found in the Eyrie Archive, and #20-46 have been HTMLized in Lalo's archive here.

Issue #1 "Real Ultimate Power" Jamie Rosen
Issue #2 "Ape is Enough" Jamie Rosen
Issue #3 "C.S.I. Net.ropolis" Martin Phipps
Issue #4 and #5 "Pirates of the Subway System" Saxon Brenton
Issue #6 "The Spectacular Super Fred" Jamie Rosen
Issue #7 "Bandwagon Chick Begins" Martin Phipps
Issue #8 "The So-So Seven Start Out" Martin Phipps
Issue #9 "Moving In" Martin Phipps
Issue #10 "An Investigation of Masculinity in the Medium of Comics and Comics-Related Prose Fiction, Specifically the Superhero or Tights-and-Capes Genre, Taking the Form of a Humorous Tale of the Legion of the Net.Heroes", or, "Omen of the Flopping Fish" Amabel Holland
Issue #11 Untitled Amabel Holland
Issue #12 Untitled [1] Amabel Holland
Issue #13 "Villains Untied" (Killfile Wars Tie-in) Jesse Willey
Issue #14 "The Trouble With Recreated Dream Girls" Arthur Spitzer
Issue #15 "The Lost Issue! Three Exciting Stories!" Amabel Holland
Annual #1 "Wikfinite Crisis" Jesse Willey
Issue #16 "40-Year-Old Ninja" Martin Phipps
Issue #17 "King Without a Kingdom" Jesse Willey
Issue #18 "Catalyst Lass vs. The Preacher!" Amabel Holland
Issue #19 "Silly War" Martin Phipps
Issue #20 "Quit Cloning Around" Martin Phipps
Issue #21 "Niyeyaoshutiaoma?" Martin Phipps
Issue #22 "And Call My Killer... Colourblind!" Jamie Rosen
Issue #23 "Slash Fiction" (Beige Countdown Tie-in - Intermezzo: Act 1) Saxon Brenton
Issue #24 "Attack of the Vampire Cows" (Beige Countdown Tie-in - Intermezzo: Act 2) Saxon Brenton
Issue #25 "Idiot Plot: It Was Worth It" (Misanthropic Tales of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade) Saxon Brenton
Issue #26 "Where Monsters Come From" (Beige Countdown Tie-in - Intermezzo: Act 3) Saxon Brenton
Issue #27 and #28 "Funky Monkeys" (Beige Countdown Tie-in - Intermezzo: Act 4) Saxon Brenton
Issue #29 "One Last Fling" (Beige Countdown Tie-in - Intermezzo: Act 5) Saxon Brenton
Issue #30 "The Articulated Man!" Drew Nilium
Issue #31 "Cancer of the Personality" Saxon Brenton
Issue #32 "The Vulcan Fallacy!" and "Palette Swap" Drew Nilium
Issue #33 "Gathering Dust" (Misanthropic Tales of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade) Saxon Brenton
Issue #34 "The Divinity Thieves" Saxon Brenton
Issue #35 "Opposites: Spots and Stripes" Saxon Brenton
Issue #36 "Being There" Saxon Brenton
Issue #37 "Death Trap" Martin Phipps
Issue #38 "Are You Feeling Lucky, Punks?" (Misanthropic Tales of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade) Saxon Brenton
Issue #39 "Hack and Cough" Saxon Brenton
Issue #40 "The Rescue of the Edmund Fitzgerald" Saxon Brenton
Issue #41 "The Return of Obscure Trivia Lad" Arthur Spitzer
Issue #42 "The Dreams of a Hundred Apes" (Misanthropic Tales of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade) Saxon Brenton
Issue #43 "Columbus Day!" Drew Nilium
Issue #44 "LNH - The Musical!" Martin Phipps
Issue #45 "When Nerds Do Mythology: A Farce" Saxon Brenton
Issue #46 "A Spoonful of Mischief" Saxon Brenton
Issue #47 "Absolute Infinite Negativity" (Flame Wars Final tie-in) Drew Nilium
Issue #48 "The Temp, Part 1" Saxon Brenton
Issue #49 "Super Friends" Martin Phipps
Issue #50 "The Challenge From Before!" Jeanne Morningstar, Rob Rogers, Scott Eiler, Dave Van Domelen, Arthur Spitzer, Drew Nilium, Martin Phipps and Saxon Brenton
Issue #51, Add-On, and Second Add-On [2] "The New 51" Lalo Martins, Jeanne Morningstar and Drew Nilium
Issue #52 "The Rumours Of My Demise..." Saxon Brenton
Issue #53 and #54 "Kid Enthusiastic Ruins the LNH Forever!" and "Fix Fic" Drew Nilium
Issue #55 "One Minute in the New Atlantis" Drew Nilium
Issue #56 "Satan Wants His Spine Back!" Scott Eiler
Issue #57 "Merry File-System-Checking Christmas" (Misanthropic Tales of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade) Saxon Brenton
Issue #58 "The B-Movie Teenage Romance Thing" Saxon Brenton
Issue #59 "The Dead Zone" Saxon Brenton
Issue #60 "Short Story About Mistaken Identity" Saxon Brenton
Issue #58.5.ENDING Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending: Epilogue the First Jeanne Morningstar


  1. Clearly, #10 was enough title for three issues.
  2. The first issue #51 and its add-on were removed from continuity, and another issue with the same numbering was posted in its place (along with two add-ons). For the originals, if you really want to see them, look here and here.