Ebon Skater

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Death is a anthropomorphic personification created by Jeanne Morningstar.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: The Ebon Skater, Mort Todd
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active personification of ending
Usability: General Use


When the previous Death of Looniverse-20, having gone mad with power, was slain in battle, the current Death took the office. Being the Death of a superhero universe was not his first choice, to put it mildly, but he was forced into it after he was was expelled from Anthropomorphic Personification University when he caught the head of the College of Shinigami in a compromising position with a Great Old One.


Is basically a spiteful, petty bureaucrat stuck in a terrible job who makes life miserable for everyone he comes into contact with in his work. Is theoretically not that bad out of a guy outside his soul-crushing (literally) job. Hates all net.heroes and villains as a matter of principle, and whenever he can, interferes with attempts to come back from the dead; as well, acts in subtle ways to make the lives of those who have resurrected harder.

Powers and Abilities

Is Death.


A scrawny, pale blonde man in his early 20s in an immaculately pressed suit that's one size too big for him. Has a highly dramatic suit of black armor with roller skates (a la the Black Racer) which he is required to use when he interacts with superheroes outside of his Office, but hates it.


Is hopelessly in love with Mother Time, and will sometimes break or bend his beloved regulations to fight the Legion to gain her love.