Edwina, the Ultimate Editor

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Edwina, the Ultimate Editor is a net.hero created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Active net.hero in Earth-20, editorial voice across LNH imprints
Usability: General Use


Edwina was empowered by the forces of Structure and Planned Long-Form Writing to bring stability and writerly progress to LNH20 and to make Writer's Block Person finish their dang stories already.

She's available to be the voice of editorial comments in any LNH story, much like Footnote Girl is for footnotes.


Loquacious and precise. Confident and assertive. Asexual and sex-repulsed (but not necessarily uninterested in kink).

Powers and Abilities

By clicking her magic pen and shouting "HEINSHINTERPRETATION!", Edwina can transform into a superpowered armored form. The capabilities of this form have not yet been described.

Has a metafictional understanding of her place as a character, and can leave helpful editorial comments in any LNH story. (The degree to which characters in the story are aware of these notes varies wildly.)

Also has shiba inu minions which she can send to bonk Writers who are getting excessively horny and/or digressive. (Well, mainly Jeanne.)


A Hispanic woman. Usually wears a buttoned-down faux-leather trenchcoat and a rakish hat with a card labeled "EDITOR" tucked in the band.

When transformed, she wears black armor with golden accents, a gold version of her hat on the head, and a cape the same color as her trenchcoat, and wields a sword whose blade is a red pen, tip glistening with ink.