Gerund Girl

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Gerund Girl is a net.hero created by Ben Rawluk.
Alter Ego: Geri Munro
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Ben Rawluk
Status: Free agent in Looniverse-A
Usability: Usable With Permission


For reasons yet unrevealed, Geri Munro bonded with a logodemon, gaining the powers and persona of Gerund Girl. She was officially a member of the Legion of Net.Heroes for exactly one day; no one will talk about what happened, but her record was officially sealed after her departure.

About a year later, she was lost in the otherworldly House of Speculation (or possibly the House of Spoilers), escaping only after three years had passed in the outside world.


Puts on a tough persona. Has a lot of fraught relationships with other people. Probably pretty messed up after spending three years in an otherworld.

Powers and Abilities

Carries a logodemon within her that confers certain abilities thru the power of gerunds (verbs that end in -ing), sometimes called the "chainsaw effect". By chanting gerunds, Gerund Girl can summon a flaming, spectral chainsaw, which disrupts emotions.


A tall woman with silver hair shaved on the side. Wears a cropped black leather jacket with "ING" in large white letters on the back over a bright white bodysuit. Typically also wears black boots and fingerless gloves, with black circular shades.


Older sister of Never Lad.