Grapety Purple Man

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Grapety Purple Man is a cosmic being created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: So-Da Type 999
Primary Writer: None
Status: Unknown
Usability: Not Reserved


In 1969, Manga Man Gold threatened to change Japanese history, and Japanese heroes rallied against him. The carbonation-powered android known as So-Da Type 999 tricked Manga Man and flew straight into his magical time device...

...and straight out of the story, into the slavering, narrative-less void known as The Hungry Past. He was transformed by it, becoming tied to sugary drinks, becoming— the Grapety Purple Man! He attempted to sate its hunger of the past with the cool refreshing Power Grapety Purple, but it was still ravenous, and was attempting to destroy the Looniverse with the RACCies Virus. Thus, he entered into a bargain with the Shoe Devil...

At some point, he empowered Manga Man Violet, giving him the power of Pointless Awards Man IV: The Voyage Home and entrusting him with a mission to protect the Looniverse from the Hungry Past. He also seems to have made the Kool-Aid Man his herald at one point?


Cunning, verbose. Prone to explaining backstory. Talks in a florid manner, reminiscent of a Kirby cosmic-type.

Powers and Abilities

Holder of the cosmic Power Grapety Purple.


A humanoid-shaped being made of purple liquid.


Apparently, the archnemesis of The Fastingest Man Alive.