Manga Man Violet

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Manga Man Violet is a net.hero created by Jesse Willey. See also Manga Man, Pointless Awards Man.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Pointless Awards Man IV: The Voyage Home, Anonymous RACC Reader #6
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Active net.hero, active award presenter
Usability: Not Reserved


In 1996, Manga Man gave six young manga and anime fans powers. These were the Power Manga, and Manga Man Violet was one of them.

Sometime after Just Imagine Saxon Brenton's RACCies!, he was made the herald of the Grapety Purple Man and became Pointless Awards Man IV: The Voyage Home. In this role, he attempted to get a Saxon Brenton RACCies Cascade going in order to hold off The Hungry Past, as chronicled in Just Imagine Saxon Brenton Presents the RACCies Again.

He showed up again in Just Imagine Saxon Brenton vs. Andrew Perron in the Return of the RACCies!, looking for the Issue Six Crystal and still trying to stop The Hungry Past. He joined up with Bluetooth and kicked the plot into gear, facing Continuity Zombies, meeting the other heroes affected by the Legacy Beam, and discovering the Sixniverse.


Determined. Highly charismatic, especially when in presenter mode. Has a good sense of humor and is often snarky. Easily frustrated by mistakes or incompetence. Prone to going into a patter fugue when flustered.

Powers and Abilities

Martial arts skills. Cool technological armor. Has the ability to influence people to act in a manga-esque way. Can travel outside the timestream. Could possibly tap into the Power Grapety Purple.


As Pointless Awards Man IV, an East Asian man with slicked-back, moussed purple hair in a purple velvet tuxedo.

As Manga Man Violet, his hair becomes wild and spiky and his tuxedo becomes sleek, hi-tech purple armor.