Jay Wellings de Ville

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Jay Wellings de Ville is a grumpy old man created by Abhay Khosla.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Abhay Khosla
Status: Alive last time we checked
Usability: Reserved


Jay Wellings de Ville was running a gallery which Psycho-Pawn and Wolfenblitz planned to rob of a painting. The two villains were stopped by Loopy, Marcy, and Mojodog. Jay, having told the teenagers to leave earlier, became incensed and unleashed a robot security system against the heroes, which King Quake destroyed at great expense to Jay. A few days later, Jay Wellings de Ville turned up at court to pay a traffic ticket, a trial directly after a trial involving King Quake. Seeing an opportunity, Jay pleaded for immediate execution, though his pleas weren't heard. He has an almost irrational grudge against Loopy, Marcy, Mojodog, King Quake, and Grumb.


Nearing the end of his life, Jay Wellings de Ville takes his time very seriously. He takes everything seriously. Considered an eccentric by the public, Jay Wellings de Ville is obsessed with images of death and dying, Egyptian symbols and so forth, with which he decorates his home extensively. Also being rich and having property in Net.ropolis, he is extremely paranoid about superheroes, hating them fervently. He is very proud, especially of his family name, and very rich.

Powers and Abilities

The power of money.


He's an old man. A grumpy-looking old man.

Special Notes

Refugees of Net.ropolis has been removed from the archives, so the grumbling of Jay Wellings de Ville cannot currently be accessed anywhere online. Therefore, the above information is necessarily incomplete.