Jerry Muggs

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Jerry Muggs is a minor-league professional criminal created by Jeanne Morningstar.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: At large
Usability: General Use


Jerry Muggs started out on the lowest rank of Netropolis's underworld, a member of the Generic Mugger's Guild who spent most of his time getting beaten up by superheroes in between the really important fights. He worked his way up, getting a job as a two-bit thug – and then The Killfile happened.

For a while, Muggs gave up on crime, trying to get his life together but never quite managing it. When the Killfile fell, he was overjoyed – he finally had someone to hate again. He got back into the business and worked his way up to a low-level crime boss.

Muggs was last scene fleeing the scene (as good crime bosses do) when Sexy-Disturbed-Sparkly-Vampire Man showed up.


Wants to work his way up at least to the level of Crime Boss With a Gimmick, the next best thing to being an actual net.villain.

Powers and Abilities

Low-down no-good criminality.


Not described.