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For a brief time, a group of LNHers had all-ages-appropriate cartoon adventures as part of the Legion of Nice, Happy Friends, AKA the LNH Friends!

Their headquarters lies within the Hall of Comics in the LNHQ Library.

They are:

  • Ultimate Ninja, leader of the LNH, who battles evil with his mighty Ninja Powers which can also heal his teammates!
  • Golden Man, champion from the planet Grypton, who fights with his Golden-powered strength and Golden Telepathy!
  • Domestic Lad, whose powers are surprisingly useful in fighting against evil canine space gods!
  • And their newest member, Lilly Paschall!

They are joined by the three Junior LNH Friends, Curly (no relation), Sue, and Blunder Dog. Together, the LNH Friends rescued Mister Mediocre from the evil of Barkseid and his son Kalibark!


The LNH Friends are a parody of Hanna-Barbara's long-running Super Friends cartoon series, which also involved Fourth World elements in its final seasons.


According to Amabel Holland's author's notes of Net.ropolis #4, the LNH Friends are "not necessarily the LNH." It may be their sole appearance in Net.ropolis #3 is a different strand of Hypertext Time that interacted with the main timeline.

What became of the Junior LNH Friends is unknown; one can assume that Blunder Dog didn't turn evil and maim his teammates, as that would just be silly.