Locked Room

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Locked Room is a net.hero created by Lalo Martins.
Alter Ego: Unknown; her native language is incomprehensible for 21st-century humans
Aliases: Locke
Primary Writer: Lalo Martins
Status: Former member of the New Misfits (deceased)
Usability: Reserved


An all-out rebel and nonconformist, only three things could make Locked Room happy: creating new life, eating strong-tasting food, and hanging around friends. In the 21st century, she didn't have the tools to engage in the first of those; but she kept herself busy trying a whole world of new and different food, and she finally made friends that she loved and trusted "entirely". She got angry very easily, and spoke in a strange, hard-to-place accent, liberally spiced with her own special slang.

Locke hated authority in all forms, in particular when authoritarian or abused (although she didn't have a problem with field leaders making combat decisions).

Swearing was almost compulsive for Locke, but she used her own, made-up future slang rather than more well-known curse words; in particular, "grife", "grifing", "kloorve", and "sprok". See the bonus feature in issue 4 of 58.5 (her first appearance) for a small glossary.


A short, slightly plump teen, with very small ears, shiny pink eyes, and olive hair, wearing a mini-skirt, stockings, high boots, and a baby-look t-shirt, all in brightly clashing colors, topped with a large, military-styled trenchcoat that appears black, but "has lovely colors, if your eyes can see in the UV range".


Born in the year 6,345,789 (presumably on Earth, although she's never specified), Locked Room was the daughter of two scientists, and a rebel since an early age. She got in serious trouble of an unspecified nature a number of times, the last being when she and a group of friends stole bio-equipment which allowed them to create their own engineered pets (including Locke's giant, telepathic trilobite, Old Ugly). When it was the time to reward her mother for "a great service to humanity", the ruling powers decided to give her family a time-trip to "pre-history", in the hopes that it would either quench Locke's thirst for rebellion, or present an opportunity for them to get rid of the girl. Her father picked 2006, and the latter option soon became reality, as the couple managed to get killed in a gang war, allowing the future "government" to simply abandon Locke.

She spent an unspecified time fending for herself before she met the New Misfits, thanks to a time-traveller support group. She joined up, along with Old Ugly, and helped fight their foes, including the Lion Pack, the Crime Empire, and the Yuppicons. On a mission to keep the Ultimate Gnab from the Evilverse Legion, she sacrificed herself to hide the Gnab and stop the Evilverse Invisible Incendiary.

Locked Room was 18 years old.

Powers and Abilities

Locke had no powers per se, but was a capable biologist/geneticist. Her body was "much more evolved" than a contemporary human, thanks to over six million years of natural evolution and genetic engineering.


Locke was best friends with Whatever.