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Whatever is a net.hero created by Lalo Martins. Not to be confused with W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R.
Alter Ego: Mary Smith
Aliases: SoWhat, Witch Princess
Primary Writer: Lalo Martins
Status: Member of the New Misfits, former member of Acra Flight
Usability: Not Reserved


Initially, as a baby, Mary was what you could call "inversely impressionable"; she liked ordinary things, and dismissed anything extraordinary as pretentious. As she grew older, she acquired new tastes; all of her friends and most of her older "authority figures" were, to some extent, supernatural or just plain weird. She has become a bit of a critic.

Whatever speaks like an average non-hip 17-year-old girl. Some of her slang is still from Looniverse-A2, but she adapts quickly. She sounds critical and ironic, and hates to be patronized.


Average height for a preteen, red hair, gleaming green eyes, thin and lithe. On downtime, she likes to wear comfortable clothes. When "working", although she doesn't have a costume anymore, she likes anything that evokes the image of a fragile child, making opponents underestimate her; usually, she'll dress like a doll or a Victorian girl.


Mary Smith was born and became a net.hero in the alt.ernate future of LNH2. She came back in time with the other ex-Acra Flight members to form the New Misfits. She and the other former Acras decided not to let anybody know that they actually come from an alternate future. In particular, she and her cousin Blackbird prefer to actively avoid their families, and other people whom they remember from the LNH2 timeline. However, she let it slip to Locked Room, who was annoyed at the lie at first but became one of her best friends.

Mary apparently sacrificed herself to end an invasion of demons, but actually journeyed into an otherdimensional space, training with The Leviathan. During her training, she spent a long time (possibly non-contiguous) on Earth-308, where she was known as the heroine Witch Princess I, and founded the New Young Teens.

Powers and Abilities

Originally, Whatever could undo any work of magic, super-powers, or super-science by verbally demeaning it. However, her powers seem to have expanded beyond that; when she was tied up, she shut down the powers of the Lion Pack by pure force of will. Her training is likely to expand this further...


In the alternate future she came from, her mother was Emily Smith, née Jones. Her father's name hasn't been revealed; it's known that he was a common guy, who lived with Emily in a farm they bought after the marriage. The present-time Emily has never met Mary.

Her allies and friends include the former members of Acra Flight, Bandwagon Chick, and Howie K.