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Blackbird is a net.hero created by Lalo Martins.
Alter Ego: Blackbird Jones
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Lalo Martins
Status: Leader of the New Misfits, former member of Acra Flight
Usability: Not Reserved


Blackbird is close to the stereotype of the troubled late-teen. As well, he's cynical, insecure, and has trouble letting go of the past. On the other hand, he profoundly hates people who think they're better than others to the point of invading the others' freedom; that's his motivation for being a hero. He also has a strong feeling of responsibility towards his team.

Blackbird is a big fan of goth culture, especially music. As such, most uses of his power tend to be themed with goth references. This helps him focus and use his powers; however, it's a personal choice, not an intrinsic part of his powers. He also enjoys using Goth references in normal conversation. If you listen to him for some time, you'll get the impression he follows a religion that worships a pantheon of four entities: Bob, Souxsie, Gaiman, and the Pixies.


Blackbird is 18 years old. His raven-black is hair carelessly cut, with a vague featherlike quality. His skin is so pale that he seems to be using mascara, and he has black pits around the eyes. He always wears black, in goth style; most of the time, a faded t-shirt, ripped jeans, military boots, and a chain (complete with black padlock) either for belt or around the neck.


Blackbird comes from the alt.ernate future known as LNH2. He wasn't conceived as much as he was designed. The powers of his mother, Ravencroft Wicked, shaped him in the womb to be essentially everything that his father, Luke Jones, considered cool.

He joined the net.hero team Acra Flight, and eventually came to Looniverse-A as part of the New Misfits. He and the other former Acras have decided not to let anybody know that they actually come from an alternate future. In particular, he and his cousin Mary, aka Whatever, prefer to actively avoid their families and other people whom they remember from the LNH2 timeline.

Powers and Abilities

Blackbird manipulates a force he calls "Goth darkness", which can:

  • Become solid in many ways, including creating semi-permanent black artifacts, which will always seem somehow goth. You guessed, his clothes are made of the stuff (though Paraddox got him an actual costume).
  • Negatively influence other people's mood or morale (by enveloping them).
  • Scare the wits out of people that are only partially inside it.
  • Serve as a means of teletransportation.
  • Rebuild his body after death.
  • Whatever else the Author needs to use as a plot device and can describe in a way consistent with the character.

However, the second effect is not entirely under his control, and all uses of his power cause a minor "mood spill", proportional to the power level used. His power is fueled by his angst and/or depression.


In the alternate future he comes from, his father was Luke Jones, and his mother, Ravencroft Wicked. Blackbird was partially estranged from both, for different reasons. His mentors were Sarah Loman-Sahay and Kalyani Sahay, respectively avatars of Binky and Skaine. In the present time, most of those four are younger than him, and none have met him.

Blackbird doesn't trust Pantra at all; the way he sees it, she exchanged one unstable personality for another.