Loquacious Lad

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Loquacious Lad is a personage of a heroic nature created by Greg Schomburg.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Former member of the LNH, former member of the Drizzt's Defenders
Usability: Not Reserved


Loquacious Lad's origins were mysterious, even to himself; he's not entirely human, and searched for the secrets of his own origins.

Before the LNH came together as a team, Loquacious Lad somehow worked as a solo net.hero. He was one of the heroes called by Captain LNH to stop General Jarrek, and according to some accounts, became a founding member of the LNH.

Chronologically, his first appearance was in the Cosmic Plot Device Caper, where his only action of note was being knocked out of the way by the appearance of Manga Man. Afterwards, he left to explore his origins. (According to Deja Dude, he tried to get into politics for a bit.)

In What Ever Happened To...?, he was summoned by The Looker to join his "Substitute Legion of Net.Heroes" and retrieve the Ring of Retcon – and once this was complete, was brainwashed into the Looker's thrall!

After the Drizzt's Defenders broke the brainwashing, Loquacious Lad joined them, continuing his search. Said search got him in trouble, though, when the Zethrythians arrested him for murder. The DDs figured out the frame-up, but LL decided to stay behind and keep looking for his origins on Zethrythia. But it seemed like those origins had found him, as he was whisked away by beings like him who called him "Word" – not to be seen again...

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Powers and Abilities

From his introductory post:

It would not be unrealistic to enter myself as Loquacious Lad (TM). People generally tend to be of the opinion that I have a certain propensity towards employing a slightly disproportionatly large number of words than is abslutely imperative to deliniate the particular topic about which I happen to speaking at the particular time.
It is possible that I have other powers, but as of yet all encounters I have engaged in with any representative of the criminal element have resulted, from my very beginning obligatory 'come with me peacefully' speech, in the alleged criminal in question falling asleep and I have not had the opportunity to discover if this is, in fact, true.


Has glowing red eyes.