Pantra (20)

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Pantra is a net.hero created by Lalo Martins and May Fonseca. She has nothing at all in common with Panta. See also Pantra (Classic).
Alter Ego: May (last name unknown)
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Lalo Martins
Status: Member of the LNH (Team 20)
Usability: General Use


Pantra was a mutant– wait, no, actually she gained her powers from the goddess Sekhmet– no, sorry, I've just been informed she found a crashed Lycopersicon spaceship– apologies, in actual fact she was the last survivor of a clan of ninjas who was transformed by their god to gain revenge...

Basically, no one knows what Pantra's real origin is, including her. She doesn't seem to care. She's made up any number of origins depending on who she's flirting with and/or tormenting at the moment. She joined the LNH about a year before the Spoon of Destiny Saga and has been making life difficult for everyone ever since. She's tracked down an unnamed non-team of teenage net.heroes, and made life harder and more interesting for Ultimate Mercenary.


Mercurial and easily distracted; she has both a cat's casual affectionateness and casual cruelty, and can switch between the two in an instant. Overall, though, a friendly person, and loyal if she takes a shine to you.

Powers and Abilities

Standard cat-person powers; agility, speed, deadly claws, heightened senses.


Humanoid ocelot; about 1.6m tall with a black-spotted gray coat, a tail, claws, slightly feline-style over-developed legs, feline facial features and largish breasts. (Hi!) Wears strips of fabric meant to keep people from worrying about whether or not she's dressed. She has brown and green cat eyes, and a habit of licking her lips in a disturbing way when she smiles.


Pantra loves to fluster January Frost, referring to her as "Hot Stuff Lass" and other ridiculous nicknames and generally looking to crack her composure (but, you know, in a fun way). She has a weird rivalflirty relationship with Ultimate Mercenary.