Sacrificial Lamb Boy

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Sacrificial Lamb Boy is a doomed net.hero created by Drizzt.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Dead to begin with
Usability: Not Reserved


In the unfinished, dubiously canonical post Cry.Sig version of the version of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper begun by Drizzt, Sacrificial Lamb Boy was the newest member of the LNH. He expressed disbelief as to the power Doctor Killfile's destructive device, and the good Doctor then demonstrated it on him. And that was that.

In spite of his short time as a LNHer and uncertain continuity status, Sacrificial Lamb Boy has a statue in the Hall of Lost Heroes. And he has inspired a continuing legacy, with Captain Sacrificial Lamb Boy XVII piloting the LNH Starship Lost Cause in the battle against Bart the Dark Receptionist. There have probably been others since.


Well, he's dead.

Powers and Abilities

Dies quickly to establish the dramatic stakes of a situation.


We never got a chance to see before Doctor Killfile disintegrated him. We hardly knew ye.