Lost Cause Boy

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Lost Cause Boy is a net.hero created by Doug Wojtowicz.
Alter Ego: Douglas P. Wojtowicz
Aliases: Causie
Primary Writer: Doug Wojtowicz
Status: Killed by Spoonsday
Usability: Reserved


Appeared in the Looniverse, meeting up with the rest of the Net.Patrol and kicking off the Integrity Quest. After several incidents, the Writer-With-Integrity gave himself up and they were victorious, sort of.

But even after the Quest was over, the threat of Defacto loomed, and he summoned the raging Spoonsday. Lost Cause Boy fought him to the bitter end in defense of good comics.


Heroic, but tinged with teenage immaturity.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman ability to get turned onto good series that end early or become terrible. Had a satchel filled with lost comics that he would use in battle, often taking on the powers of the characters within.


Somewhat muscular. Ever-changing costume made out of bits and pieces of other people's costumes. Wore a leather satchel over his shoulder full of good comics.


Close associate of his fellow Net.Patrollers Kid Anarky and Panta.

His Oddball LNH counterpart is Lost Clause Boy (also deceased).


Lost Cause Boy won the Favorite LNH Character poll in early 1993.


Lost Cause Boy's death doesn't seem to have been meant to be permanent, as his Special promised a later continuation, but his Writer dropped off Usenet and never followed it up. It worked out in the end, as Lost Cause Boy's status as one of the iconic LNHers who stayed dead fit his character concept well.