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Pliable Lad was the self-titled series starring Pliable Lad, written by Mike Escutia. It focused on Pli's relationships and adventures as part of the LNH, and came to a planned end with issue #30.

Memoirs of a Pliable Lad was meant to be a flashback series detailing Pli's early days in the Legion, but only one issue was published.


Main Character

Pliable Lad, of course!

Supporting Cast

Primary Antagonists

Issues and Stories

  • #0: "First Issue Meteor"
  • #1-6: "Stretching the Truth"
  • #7: "The Library of Infinite Stories"
  • #8: "Role Models"
  • #9-10: "Counterpart Blues" and "Reality Takes a Paid Vacation" (a Bad Forms tie-in)
  • #11: "Preludes and Stretchings II: A Sequel, a Prequel, a Prologue"
  • #12-15: "Gestaltic Woes"
  • #16: "Character Talk"
  • Annual #1: "Phantom Traveller" (an Omaha Project tie-in)
  • #17-24: "The Dark Pliable Lad Saga" (a Robot Invasion and Retcon Hour tie-in, leading into Retcon Midnight)
  • #25: "After the Storm" or "Love Will Always Be"
  • #26-29: Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks Parts 2, 5, 8 and 10
  • #30: "Full Circle"
  • Memoirs of a Pliable Lad #1: "Mystery Guest"

Where to Read

Pliable Lad can be read on the Eyrie Archive in full right here. Memoirs is over here.