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Search Lass is a net.hero created by Mike Escutia.
Alter Ego: Courtney Albin
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Mike Escutia
Status: Active in 000SUPERGUY
Usability: Reserved


Search Lass joined the LNH during the Robot Invasion, appearing alongside Rescue Lad and helping him hide his secrets. Naturally, this meant that during the Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks, the Zomkicks mistook her for his sidekick, and captured her. But her homing device lead the heroes to Sidekicks'R'Us, and during the final battle, she was freed by Stalker.

When Roger (AKA Rescue Lad) left the LNH, Courtney stuck around, participating in various storylines. She helped Hero Patrol get back the missing Father Times for the Looniverse and 000SUPERGUY; this was helpful when she was kidnapped by a villain from the Superguy altiverses, as Hero Patrol teamed up with Reverb Boy and Neon Lad to rescue her.

When it turned out that Reverb Boy was contaminated by altiversal energies, and couldn't return to the Looniverse, she and Neon Lad stuck with him, starting a new heroing career in 000SUPERGUY.


Helpful, to the point where she allows herself to get dragged into things.

Powers and Abilities

Telelocation – can psionically locate anyone and anything within a certain radius.


A girl in a red and white costume (which may be similar to Roger Rescue's).


Sister of Tour Guide Girl. Former partner of Rescue Lad. Close friend of Neon Lad and Reverb Boy.