Neon Lad

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Neon Lad is a net.hero created by Mike Escutia.
Alter Ego: Jeff Warren
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Mike Escutia
Status: Active in 000SUPERGUY
Usability: Reserved


Neon Lad first appeared during the Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks, fending off Zomkicks before getting captured. He was Zomkickified, fighting in the final battle, but was cured with everybody else at the end.

He joined the LNH and made close friends with Search Lass and Reverb Boy. And when Search Lass was kidnapped by a villain from the Superguy altiverses, he joined up with RB to go after her, even though Occultism Kid wasn't sure he'd be able to get them back.

They reunited with her and defeated the bad guy alongside the Hero Patrol, but Reverb Boy had been contaminated with an excess of altiversal energies and couldn't leave 000SUPERGUY. Neon Lad and Search Lass stuck with him, beginning new heroing careers in a new world.


Thoughtful. Mildly neurotic and worrisome sometimes, fun-loving and relaxed other times.

Powers and Abilities

Generation of neon-colored light, including lasers.


A teenager in a black costume, with neon red bands around his wrists, neon green bands around his ankles, a neon yellow band around his waist, and a neon blue headband. Sometimes wears a blue-and-red jacket and the type of rounded sunglasses skiers like to wear.


Close friend of Reverb Boy and Search Lass.