Gestalt Lad

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Gestalt Lad is a net.hero created by Mike Escutia.
Alter Ego: Thom Kassan
Aliases: Jestalt, Kid Unknown
Primary Writer: Mike Escutia
Status: Living a normal life in
Usability: Reserved


Originally, Mike Escutia planned to have a character named Gestalt Lad as his Writer Character. But he was switched out at the last moment for Pliable Lad, and sent to Limbo.

The character-in-waiting did not remain in Limbo, however. He returned, bitter, unhinged, and calling himself Jestalt, ready to wreak his vengeance upon Pliable Lad. He merged with the Ultimate Ninja and attacked Pli ferociously. But when Mike Escutia himself appeared, Jestalt left the Ninja behind, merging himself, Pli, and their author into a single being, a battle for control of the mental plane raging. But he was tricked and defeated, merging himself into an immobile form, seemingly for good.

But when Retcon Hour hit, the original, heroic Gestalt Lad appeared. And when the timeline was reconfigured without Pliable Lad into the world known as Retcon Midnight, Gestalt Lad had always been a hero, one of the few remaining members of the LNH after Doctor Armaggeddon took over the world.

After the timeline was set right, Gestalt Lad still existed, an effect of the wild reality-warping of Retcon Hour. He took up Pliable Lad's discarded identity of Kid Unknown, working in secret as a hero to hunt down his villainous counterpart.

Two years later, he found him. Using his gestalt-sensing abilities, Gestalt Lad reached into Jestalt and pulled out the source of his problems – a blue-skinned, pointy-eared demon from Limbo, who had forced a merger all those years ago. Healed, Jestalt merged with Gestalt Lad, forming a single being, renouncing their powers, and going on to lead a normal life.


As Gestalt Lad, straightforwardly heroic, if haunted by the events of Retcon Midnight. When possessed by the Jestalt demon, crazed and single-mindedly vengeful.

Powers and Abilities

Can merge with one or more other people to create a more powerful being.


A brown-haired man of European descent. When he merges with someone, the resulting being looks like a combination of Gestalt Lad and the other(s).

As Jestalt, he had blue hair and pointy ears, and kept those additions whenever he merged with someone else.

As Kid Unknown, he wore a black-and-red cloak.