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The Oddball Legion is a group of strange counterparts of the LNH. (That's right – more strange than the regular LNH.)

After Particle Man escaped from an evil counterpart of the LNH, he ended up weak and hallucinating on the Astral Plane. Since the substance of the Astral Plane responds to will, his hallucinations became real, forming the Oddballverse. Usually, they would have vanished as he left, but the Oddballs had gained not only full self-awareness but access to superscience, and managed to stabilize their world. Many of them then left for the Looniverse, seeking to appear in stories as a way of making themselves and their world more "real". Oddballs have also been observed attempting to infiltrate Earth-20 in search of readers.

wReamhack determined that if a member of the Oddball Legion touches their Looniversal counterpart, something unknown will happen. It was originally thought that this would be the destruction of 10% of the Looniverse, but later research revealed this not to be true; according to the Van Damme Stranger, whatever happens is "not so bad".

This was finally resolved a couple decades later, when Frat Boy started dating Fat Boy[1]. It was revealed that the two of them were fated to be the first counterparts who would touch, and the queerness of their relationship would have caused a huge flamewar back in 1993, but thankfully, the 21st-century LNH had grown beyond that. Doctor Stomper suggested that with the emotional investment created by this relationship, the Oddballs wouldn't need to worry about their universe being "real" anymore— but that might not be an unmixed blessing...

Members of the Oddball Legion

Other Beings in the Oddballverse


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  2. Mentioned but not seen in LNH Comics Presents #12, the final chapter of the original Oddball LNH story. Notably, due to the circumstances of their creation, Particle Man shouldn't have an Oddball counterpart.