Browsing Boy

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Browsing Boy is a net.hero created by Jeffrey Klein.
Alter Ego: Alex Marini
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Ben Rawluk
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), former member of the Net.Titans
Usability: Not Reserved


Browsing Boy has been with the LNH since before the Cosmic Plot Device Caper. He helped stop a brain-washing attempt, which led to his meeting Linguist Lass, who later became his girlfriend. Later, he and LL helped form the Net.Titans, a subgroup within the LNH. When the Net.Titans broke up, he returned to regular duty, and is still fighting the good fight today.


BB is a fairly nice guy, and is fiercely devoted to Linguist Lass.

Powers and Abilities

Browsing Boy has the ability to browse through reading materials. In the past, BB has focused on comics, but his ability can be used anywhere.


A standard blue spandex costume with cape.


He and Linguist Lass have been in a stable relationship for a long time.

His alternate-universe counterparts include Grousing Boy of the Oddball Legion.