Schwa Khan

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Schwa Khan is a net.villain created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Rather brain-damaged, slowly regenerating
Usability: Usable With Permission


Back in the PULP era, Schwa Khan was an annoyingly stereotypical Yellow Peril villain, full of master plans. The Agents of P.U.L.P. foiled his big operation by accident, and he met his seeming demise by tripping over a wrench and falling in a pasta cutting machine!

Decades later, he had attained immortality and was selling Flame to finance the recovery and rebuilding of RoboMAC drones into a private army. Squidman and Rotanna came upon one of his operations at the same time, and he captured them both, tying them up so he could gloat; however, before he could put his plan into action, he was shot through the head by Spud: The Edible Assassin, causing damage that would take even his immortal body a long time to recover from.


Sinister megalomaniac. Has a hint of idealism in his crusade to place schwa keys on all keyboards, believing that if we could type phonetically, all misunderstanding would cease.

Powers and Abilities

Long-term immortal master planner.


Not described.