The Perpetual Virgin

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The Perpetual Virgin is a net.hero created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Member of the Before God Guys
Usability: Usable Without Permission


Older than God – literally; he helped raise god along with the rest of the Before God Guys. Has been a hero since not even God knows when.

He participated in a crossover event between the book of Genesis and a story about the Banjo Dueling Kangaroos, battling the banjo-possessed deity one-on-one to make time for The Wrinkly Old Bag and Geezer Gorilla to use the Anti-Banjo to snap him out of it. In the modern day, he and the other BGGs host live pledge drives on public television.



Powers and Abilities

He wears mystical underwear that prevents him from aging, makes him invulnerable to harm, and gives him incredible powers, including flight, super-strength, and invulnerability. Unfortunately, the underwear is unremovable, so he's never gotten laid.


A surprisingly young-looking guy in super-underwear (and other clothing, one would presume).