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Integrity Quest was a Classic LNH Chaotic Add-On Cascade written by Doug Wojtowicz, Stephane Savoie and Hubert Bartels, which introduced the members of the Net.Patrol as they went off on a quest to find the Writer-With-Integrity.


Lost Cause Boy, Kid Anarky and Panta all wander into the Looniverse, looking for fun comics to be in and a plot to be part of. The statue of the fabled Writer-With-Integrity gives them a mysterious clue, and they go to find the Writer, who is in the clutches of the evil Defacto!

...okay, first they spend a double-digit number of issues either on the stoop of or inside LNHQ, with Panta experiencing loads of mutant persecution along the way, and LCB getting into a big scandal (see below). But then they go and find the Writer who is in the clutches etc etc.

Our heroes charge off to the world of independent comics, to fight the editors of evil and the fanboys who serve them!

The Woody Incident

In issue #10, Doug had Lost Cause Boy invite Panta up to sleep in his bed, and cut to the next morning, with her getting dressed and him pondering on "the first time ever he woke up without the morning woody". This caused quite a bit of consternation among the early LNH community, with quite a number labeling it as in bad taste, and was retconned immediately.

Part of this reaction was a reaction to implications of sex that would seem prudish today; however, another, more important part was the tonal clash with the lighthearted superhero comedy, and the fact that Doug had put Hubert's character in this situation without asking. That said, the whole thing was resolved with a few apologies, and immediately became a running injoke.

Where to Read

Integrity Quest can be read in the Eyrie Archive as a single file over here.

As well, Amabel Holland wrote an Integrity Quest Companion, which annotates and goes back into the historical context of the story. It can be read here.