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Amabell Holland (formerly referred to as Tom Russell) began writing for the LNH at 15 years of age in 1997. Her progression from clueless newbie to three-time winner of RACCies:Favorite Writer was something of a hero's journey in its own right.

Outside of having written an absolutely staggering amount of LNH material, she is the proud co-founder and EIC of the Eightfold imprint. She also runs the Hollandspiele board game publishing company. (See also the Counter-Clipper.)

Complete List of LNH Works

Amabel Holland is one of the most prolific LNH writers of all time, having written a huge number of stories in the ten-years-or-so period between the September Age and the early Infinite Leadership Crisis/Beige Countdown era. She jumped in during the establishment of LNH20 and wrote a bunch of short stories, but has otherwise concentrated on 8FOLD since. Her LNH work can be divided into five rough periods:

The "Four Months of Crap"

During Amabel's first few months of LNH writing – the period she would later dub the "Four Months of Crap" – she would unleash a flood of characters and stories not seen since the days of wReam. These include:

deep breath

The Teenfactor Era

The Irrelevancy and Parades Era

The Core LNH Era


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