Black September

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Black September is a anthropomorphic personification created by Saxon Brenton.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Saxon Brenton
Status: Unknown
Usability: Free For Use


Black September is the anthropomorphic personification of the month of September on the Internet, representing both that time period and its old-school association with noisy and inexperienced newbies (see Eternal September).

In the wake of Flame Wars III, it was drawn to the LNHQ by the presence of a Cosmically Important Point. Wanting to keep it from contributing to the noise-to-signal ratio of the net, the LNH trapped it using a timebeacon.thingee constructed out of the Universal Anchor.


Impossible to communicate with; may or may not be a sapient entity. Seeks out point of Internet access and connects to them to send random noise.

Powers and Abilities

The full extent of Black September's capabilities are unknown. It can broadcast random data through any available bandwidth, and seeks out more bandwidth to do so with. It is associated with the time axis of the universe.


A roughly humanoid figure, off-white and faintly glowing, wrapped in a tattered, billowing off-white cloak with frayed edges. Has dark patches on its head, roughly corresponding to eyes and a mouth. Looks sort of like Gaiman's Sandman, save in color. Emits a constant hiss of white noise.