Universal Anchor

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During Looniverse Adrift!, the Looniverse was cut loose from alt.comics.lnh and sent flying across Usenet! The Universal Anchor was a device commanded into existence by Lord Ebon so that he could anchor the world in comp.sources.unix. But Catalyst Lass catalyzed the mind-controlled Contraption Man into rebuilding it into a device that would allow Parking Karma Kid to drive the Looniverse back home!

Afterwards, it was used to make sure the Looniverse couldn't be loosened from its home again. Unfortunately, this became a problem when the cosmically powerful RACelestials decided to move said universe to rec.arts.comics.creative! The yet-again-mind-controlled Contraption Man modified the Anchor so that, when the cosmic pressure overcame it, it flipped from a spatial stabilizer to a temporal destabilizer, allowing Time Crapper I, Time Crapper II, and wReamicus Maximus to begin— RETCON HOUR!

Post-Retcon Hour, the remains of the Anchor were repurposed into a timebeacon.thingee, which was used to trap Black September before it could overwhelm Usenet with noise.