Breakfast in America

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Breakfast in America is a crossover by Rob Rogers and Jameel al Khafiz between The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man, the Substitute Lad miniseries and Particle Man, dovetailing into Robot Invasion.

As Easily-Discovered Man and Substitute Lad face off against the extremely silly menace of the Deadly Faux of Easily-Discovered Man, Lite teams up with Particle Man to face the combined threats of the Waffle Queen and Pencil Rain. But there's an even bigger danger around the corner...

This storyline is a bit infamous for how hard it is to fit into LNH continuity, remarked on in both Constellation and EDM itself.



  1. EDM #15-16 and Particle Man #14 take place during Substitute Lad #2... yeah, it's that kind of story.