Captain LNH

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Captain LNH is a net.hero created by Jeanne Morningstar and Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Malysa El-lenn Aitch
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Defending the Deep Omnilooniverse
Usability: Free For Use


Malysa was the child of a human woman and a Dorf space captain visiting Earth. She operated as Captain LNH before the LNH formed (because of course she did), guided by Unixepoch as Protector of the Looniverse.

When General Jarrek attempted to use the Cosmic Plot Device to open a portal thru which the Dorfs could conquer the Loonivearth, Captain LNH brought together a team of net.heroes to stop him. She revealed that General Jarrek was, in fact, her father, and sacrificed herself to keep Irony Man from unknowingly opening the portal.

When Cheesecake-Eater Lad died the third time, he found himself in a mysterious, empty dimension, containing only the angry, self-loathing soul of Captain LNH...

In unpublished stories, both of them were resurrected, and helped in the battle against Neme.SYS. Captain LNH, relieved of her pain but not ready to return to the world she once knew, became the Defender of the Deep Omnilooniverse.


Determined and forthright. Occasionally abrasive. Caring, but not always in an obvious way. Has some deep anxieties and traumas.

Powers and Abilities

Cosmic hero powers, largely undescribed, but including flight (both in-atmosphere and interstellar) and traveling between universes under her own power.


A tall, muscular blond woman with red eyes and subtle Star Trek-ian ridges on her face.