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Chinese Guy is a net.hero created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: Bruce Bottersnike-Gumble
Aliases: Seeker (someday)
Primary Writer: Saxon Brenton
Status: Former member of the LNH (Classic Team), deceased
Usability: Reserved


International student from Alt.stralia studying forensics at Dave Thomas Deluxe University. Partnered with Lenny the Squirrel, actually Ljundji, a yabon spirit from the Dreamtime.

In meta-continuity, Dave Van Domelen dropped his Superguy characters Crazy Guy and Louie in for a brief cameo gag during the Birth of a Villain cascade. Other writers, not realizing that he didn't mean to make the character a part of the ongoing storyline, took the appearance and ran with it. Confusion reigned until Saxon Brenton, with Dave's help, wrote a chapter revealing that Chinese Guy and Lenny were Crazy Guy and Louie's counterparts from the Looniverse, come to join in the fight against Vector.

After BoaV, he became part of Limp-Asparagus Lad's supporting cast and joined in their shenanigans, but he died in Flame Wars IV #3 after an alien troll bit off his face. It's implied that he'll be resurrected at some point as a minion of Flipseid.


Helpful, often perplexed, sometimes Zen.

Belongs to a religion built around worship of ABBA.

Powers and Abilities

Movie-style martial arts; can do nearly anything as long as he can justify it as a new martial-arts move. Hong Kong Phooey Kostume Kwick-Change, extending staff. In-costume, his words and lip movements don't match.


Looks quite a bit like Bruce Lee, actually.


Alternate-universe counterparts include King Seeker of Looniverse-Dantalion.


Saxon Brenton has stated that when Bruce is resurrected, he will assume the identity of Seeker (after the Champions character build). Hopefully someday.

His last name comes from the children's books of Australian writer S.A. Wakefield.