Death Thoreaus

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The Death Thoreaus (Henry, David, and the Head Thoreau) are a trio of net.villains created by Rob Rogers.


The Death Thoreaus attacked the Net.ropolis Mall, intending to destroy the "ridiculous temple of crass consumerism". An assemblage of net.heroes, including Easily-Discovered Man, Easily-Discovered Man Lite, Cynical Lass, Weirdness Girl, Luke Jones, Emily Jones, Screen Saver, Kid Citrus, Tour Guide Girl, The Indie, and Gaffer all happened to be at the mall as well, and opposed them. When it looked like they were defeated, the Head Thoreau combined the Ring of Simplification and the Indie's magic camera, sending them all into a constantly-shifting reality. Unfortunately, the ever-changing reality drove the Head Thoreau mad, and after Lite broke free, he was hauled off, still unable to tell what was real and what was fantasy.

At least one of the Death Thoreaus was at the Waffle Queen's funeral.


Contemptuous of modern society. The Head Thoreau is, as mentioned, stark raving mad.

Powers and Abilities

The Head Thoreau carries the Ring of Simplification, a powerful magic artifact which can reduce a person to their simplest form. They use CHADs (Cloned Humanoid Atavistic Drones) in the form of more Death Thoreaus as cheap, disposable henchmen.


The Death Thoreaus and their CHADs were completely identical, dressed in earth-tone peasant shirts and leather Han Solo vests.