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Gaffer is a net.hero created by Josh Hartung.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Josh Hartung
Status: Independent film technician and freelance net.hero
Usability: Usable With Permission


A talented technician in the entertainment industry, Gaffer began his super-hero career as sidekick to The Indie (although he disputed this claim, arguing that The Indie was, in fact, his sidekick). He later helped Easily-Discovered Man fight the Death Thoreaus during the latter's attack on the Net.ropolis Mall, and joined several other heroes to thwart the Sheepshagger and King Konquerer as part of the Mutton Mania storyline.

Though not officially a member of the LNH, Gaffer accompanied the Legion on its journey to the Ultimate Black Hole to defeat the Legion of Net.Villains during Beige Countdown, keeping the Starship Jefferson running with spit and bailing wire.


Gaffer has sworn eternal enmity with The Agent, whose actions destroyed his previous career as stage manager of an off-Off Broadway play.

Doesn't have knowledge of his own fictionality, and treats those who break the fourth wall as a few jokers short of a full deck.

Powers and Abilities

Gaffer has many abilities which he calls super powers, but which others (notably The Indie) describe as combinations of skill, resourcefulness and dumb luck. These include his "coffee sense" (the ability to detect free coffee) and his "mooch power" (the ability to grub free food from any source). With the all-purpose "LeathermanT" tool in his pocket, he is able to repair, improve, jury-rig or sabotage almost anything – a talent he calls his "Good Enough For Government Work" power – unless the request to do so falls during his federally-mandated cigarette break. His "Connect-The-Plot" power allows him to provide helpful exposition in critical situations.

Canny and persuasive, Gaffer is often able to bamboozle others into doing what he wants – including his assistant, Best Boy.


Gaffer dresses like a grunge musician, wearing a large, heavy belt equipped with tools and accessories. He has been romantically linked to the Incompetent Intern, despite his best efforts.