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Sheepshagger is a net.villain created by Josh Hartung.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Active net.villain
Usability: Usable With Permission


The man who would become the Sheepshagger walked a long, theoretically tragic road. Once, he was known as the Scottish hero Cheap Bastard, with the ability to stretch pennies into copper wire, but a lawsuit over Austin Powers resulted in the loss of his position, home, car, and wife. He swore revenge on entertainment lawyers, and his publicist sent out a press release.

His dark plot began when he turned a concert full of teenage girls – and Deja Dude – into sheep, and showed up on the LNHQ's giant viewscreen to taunt them. After a series of shenanigans, they tracked him to his lair – a Motel 6 – but it turned out that he had a greater fiend controlling him – the threat of the Scarlet Prawn! The heroes rescued the sheepified teens, but the Sheepshagger escaped to fight another day.

Later on, he joined Mynabird's Legion of Net.Villains and accompanied them on their journey to the Ultimate Black Hole.


Sometimes gleeful, sometimes rueful. His accent got increasingly more exaggerated as the cascade went on.

Powers and Abilities

Wields the SHeep Actualization Gun (SHAG), a cheap plastic dart gun powered by a speck of anarchic plotdevicium. It has highly variable but consistently sheep-themed abilities, including transforming humans into sheep, switching humans' minds with sheep's, turning sheep into Kiwis, infesting sheep with ticks, and causing wool to uncontrollably grow. He has also used the SHeep Actualization Grenade, which probably involves all these things and more.


A kilted gentleman with a heavy beard.